Maven 2 Mojo Plugin that generates Source Code Management Metrics Reports as part of the mvn site command. This Plugin is a wrapper around StatCVS and StatSVN.


  • Automatic configuration of StatSVN and StatCVS from POM.
  • Multi-Module Project support.


  • 2009-05-04: New StatCVS, StatSVN and StatSCM snapshots.

    Updated StatSVN and StatCVS source. Fixed Developer real names. Added ConfigFile Option see:

  • 2008-08-26: Release StatSCM 1.2.0.

    Updated StatSVN and StatCVS source and patch from Martin to allow override of the default build and reporting output directories.

  • 2008-08-14: Updated StatCVS and StatSVN source for 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT.

    Updated dependencies to StatCVS version 0.4+ and StatSVN version 0.4.1

  • 2008-06-17: Patch from Martin added to StatSCM 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT.

    Patch fixes "StatSCM cannot handle POM overrides of the default build- and reporting output directories."

  • 2008-04-06: Release StatSCM 1.1.0

    Configuration options from 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT and updated dependencies to StatCVS version 0.4 and StatSVN version 0.4.

  • 2008-01-11: Configuration options added to 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT

    Now you can configure StatSCM similar to the command line options available on StatSVN or StatCVS. Some available options are:

    includes and excludes - lists of files to include (rather than all files) or exclude (rather than excluding nothing)

    skip - option used to not use StatSCM in child project POM

    nonDeveloperLogins - list of login IDs to leave out in the StatSCM reports.

    notesFile - a file with HTML to put at the top of StatSCM pages.

    and there's a few more.

    We also added some StatSCM version info to the first page.

  • 2007-06-11: StatSCM 1.0.0 Published on Central Repository.

    StatSCM is now available on the central repository so there is no need to configure the StatSCM repositories in you POM.

  • 2007-04-25: StatSCM 1.0.0 Released.

    The first (non SNAPSHOT) release of StatSCM is out.

  • 2007-03-28: Better CVS Support.

    CVS reports with better Stylesheets.

  • 2007-03-14: Java 1.4 Support.

    SNAPSHOTS now compiled with Java 1.4

  • 2007-02-28: Upgrade to StatSVN 0.3.1-SNAPSHOT.

    Update code base to head version of StatSVN

  • 2006-12-06: CVS Support with StatCVS HTML output.

    CVS project now get a standard StatCVS HTML report.

  • 2006-11-28: Version 0.2.0 StatSVN

    StatSVN 0.2.0 is released and now supports Html and XDoc generation to ease integration with Maven. This release also contains Bugzilla and ViewVC integration.

  • 2006-11-15: Project Launched.

    Doug Culnane started this project to make StatSVN reports available in his Maven 2 project site builds. He set up a SourceForge project to share this work and make it publicly available.